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Past Projects

PX+ Hospitality festival in the UK

Photos by: Horst Friedrichs

PX+ means ‘personne extraordinaire’ was a unique collaborative weekend festival held in the UK for the hospitality industry, by the hospitality industry. It was last held on the 17th to 20th of August, 2019 for people who dedicate their lives to the culinary experiences of others: an opportunity to pause, reflect and celebrate. 


4 days of food, drinks, music + ideas. 


Chefs coming from all over the world attended and there was a full bakery, food traders, BBQ pits, sommeliers, wine tastings, after hours cocktail barn, workshops, live music, DJ’s and much more.

I am ran the wine program in 2019, reprising my role at the maiden festival in 2018.

Decanter China Chinese wine online wine magzine

Wrote an English and Mandarin lifestyle column for The aim was to make wine fun and easier to understand for readers.

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